The Volunteering Spirit

“On Monday March 10th and Wednesday March 12th, I had the privilege of volunteering for the ‘Healthy Cooking for kids’ program, and it was a great experience. I was able to try new kinds of food, work with kids joyfully, and give back to society. Chef Steve taught me many new tips and tricks about cooking and allowed me to try new things in the kitchen. While working with the children, I connected with many of the kids and they made a big impact on my life. Although at times they could be careless and cause trouble, they were also one of the kindest and most loving groups of kids I have ever met. The Lighthouse is a warm and welcoming place to be, and although I have only volunteered for two days, I would be glad to volunteer again!”

Sandy Leung

Tracy, thank you so much for the cookbook. I will definitely use it in the future. On Sunday I even made the Mac and cheese pasta for my family and they loved it. Give my regards to Steve for teaching us such useful and simple recipes. During my experience with the Lighthouse, I have learned many things about food, patience, and people. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would definitely want to do this again. The advisor, Tracy and Steve were extremely friendly and kind. They taught us many things involving food and how to have patience with the children. My time volunteering for the Lighthouse has been memorable. I’m sure I’ll remember all the little kids and Tracy and Steve for many years to come.


I had a lot of fun during the program. The children were very excited and joyful, which made me enjoy my time even more.  Although sometimes they were quite a handful, I found the cooking very fun too! I think that this program was a very good idea and if you decide to do it again, please contact me! Overall, it was very fun and I enjoyed being there with the kids.

Lina Ly