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Thank you for your interest in getting involved at The Lighthouse!  In addition to providing financial support, you can support The Lighthouse by:

Volunteering in Programs

Volunteering is a wonderful means of giving back to your community, and The Lighthouse relies on its volunteers in effectively carrying out its activities.


Joining a committee of The Lighthouse

For those who have volunteered with The Lighthouse or an organization that works in partnership with The Lighthouse, we welcome your ideas in areas of Communications, Fundraising and Community Events.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this manner, please contact The Lighthouse’s Executive Director, Rob Datema at


Volunteering in Fundraising

Every year, The Lighthouse has a telephone campaign (in May) and a fundraising dinner and silent auction (in November).  Other events are often planned throughout the year.  The Lighthouse relies on volunteers to carry out these endeavours.  If you wish to participate in these fundraising activities, please contact The Lighthouse’s Executive Director, Rob Datema.

Organizing a fundraising event

Organizing a fundraising event in your church or school community for the benefit of The Lighthouse. For those who love The Lighthouse but cannot volunteer at The Lighthouse due to conflicts in scheduling, this can be a wonderful way to give back to The Lighthouse.  Youth groups, in particular, can participate in this manner by donating proceeds of their fundraising activities to The Lighthouse.  Whether it’s a car wash, pancake breakfast, bake sale or other event, all work and time involved in such activities are highly valued and appreciated!  This is a wonderful and meaningful way to make The Lighthouse part of your community.


The Lighthouse is a faith-based organization that believes in the power of prayer.  God has been faithful to The Lighthouse and its ministries for over 40 years, and we attribute prayer as one of the reasons The Lighthouse continues to be a beacon of light in the City of Toronto.  Pray that God will continue to bless this ministry and provide for it, so that The Lighthouse can continue to help people and change lives!

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