Monthly Giving / PAR

Becoming a monthly donor, you are helping to ensure that we have a reliable and steady source of revenue to keep our programs and services going, and help us to plan more effectively for the future.

The Lighthouse is pleased to partner with Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA) who administers our Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program.  PAR is a “direct debit” program that allows people to give through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account.  You may already have automatic debits from your bank account to pay for insurance, your mortgage or your property taxes.  If so, then you understand how PAR works.

PAR provides an opportunity to give faithfully in a manner you have thoughtfully determined to give which means regular support of The Lighthouse in the monthly amount that you choose.  It also reduces administration costs for The Lighthouse.

PAR form

Signing up for the PAR program simply requires the filling in of an authorization form (Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view this form) and attaching a cheque marked VOID, for purposes of verifying the correct bank information.  Submit the completed form to:

The Lighthouse
1008 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON  M5R 3G7
Attention: PAR Program

Or email the form and a copy of the void cheque to [email protected].

The rest is automatic.  No more cheques or bank service fees associated with cheques.  Debits from your bank account will occur on the 20th day of each month (or the next ensuing business day).  Of course, you may cancel or change either the amount of your gift or other information at any time by submitting your request for same in writing.  Requests for cancellation or changes in account information or debited amount must be received by us at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date of debit in order to ensure that the change is taken into consideration prior to the next due date of the debit.

Your PAR giving is added together with all other giving received throughout the year and included on your annual receipt for tax purposes.

For further general information concerning the PAR program, contact:

Christian Reformed Church
Pre-Authorized Remittance
3475 Mainway Drive, PO Box 5070 Stn LCD 1
Burlington, ON  L7R 3Y8
Telephone:  800.730.3490
Fax:  905.336.8344

Email: [email protected]

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