Fundraising Initiatives

Most of our fundraising activities are organized through the efforts of volunteers – individuals and committees.  The Lighthouse has been able to scale down many of the costs typically associated with fundraising by the work of these volunteers and the partnership and shared resources of other organizations and businesses.  Some of our more regular fundraising activities are the following:

May Phone Drive

Every May, our Board of Directors together with other volunteers call members of partnering churches who have provided support to The Lighthouse in the past and have indicated a willingness to be contacted every year as part of our annual phone campaign.  Our phone campaign typically raises approximately $50,000.00 a year.

November Dinner & Silent Auction

On the first or second Saturday of each November, The Lighthouse hosts an annual dinner and silent auction for its regular supporters. Supporting businesses and organizations help minimize our costs for the evening by offering The Lighthouse facilities free of charge and donating items for our auction, so that almost all funds raised can support The Lighthouse’s programs.  In addition to The Lighthouse receiving financial gifts and the proceeds from the auction sales, supporters have the opportunity to learn more about The Lighthouse’s programs, hear testimonials and ask questions.  Typically we receive between 150 and 200 guests and we raise between $20,000.00 and $25,000.00.

Ride for Refuge

The “Ride for Refuge” is an initiative organized by Blue Sea Philanthropy, a federally registered public foundation that provides centralized fundraising events to registered charities.  By partnering with Blue Sea Philanthropy’s Ride for Refuge program, individuals and teams can participate in bike-a-thons in the greater Toronto area and raise money for The Lighthouse using the platforms provided via the website.  Funds raised often depend on the number of individuals and teams that participate.

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