Lives Changed @ The Lighthouse

From our Vietnamese Summer Camp volunteers:

When I first began to volunteer at The Lighthouse, I did not intend to make any new friends or build any sort of relationship with others. My only goal at the time was to gain my volunteering hours, and have fun with Henry Tang and the kids. However as each day passed, I felt more open and comfortable with everyone and eventually ended up becoming great friends the other volunteers as well as the campers. I believe this is due to the fact that The Lighthouse is made up of such amazing people who are honest, reliable, respectful and fun. I feel as if we have all bonded into one big family, where everyone matters and we look after each other. I enjoyed the time I had at The Lighthouse and will definitely volunteer again next year and the year after and the year after that and the year after that year and so on. #lighthouse4life

– John Lee

I had a great experience working with The Lighthouse. Each family reminded me of how a well-constructed family should be. Through the camp, I have developed responsibility, commitment and leadership capabilities. I really hope to be able to volunteer for The Lighthouse next year to see how much the children have grown. Thank you.

– Alexander Do

I’d like to start off by saying that I had fun every single day of camp. For me, it was easier since there were only a few little kids in my group. But I’d like to try supervising a different age group next year. That means that I’ll be back next year! It’s really unique how The Lighthouse’s Vietnamese Summer Camp allows parents to stay and do activities with their kids. The volunteers were also amazing and fun to work with. Thank you for being an amazing coordinator along with Tabitha (summer student). I hope to see you all again at the Christmas event.

– Richard Vu

To hear more about the Vietnamese Ministry at The Lighthouse, RSVP to our Annual Dinner on Saturday November 8th, 2014! For more information about The Lighthouse’s Annual Dinner, head to our events page for details.