Healthy Cooking for Kids 2015

Healthy Cooking for Kids is a fun-filled March break program for Vietnamese children and parents. The goal of this program is to teach children and parents, the value of healthy eating and safe food handling practices. By developing healthy eating habits at an early age, this can create an important impact on children’s lifelong priority of making healthy eating choices. Healthy eating is also crucial in stabilizing children’s energy, sharpening their minds, and evening out their moods throughout the day.

On March 17-20, Healthy Cooking for Kids taught parents basic nutrition, safe food handling practices, and ways of involving children in the cooking process. These then allow parents to create a fun and educational cooking environment at home, emphasizing the parent as a role model of healthy eating, and that nutritious meals can be delicious too.

With 11 kids, 5 parents, and 7 volunteers, The Lighthouse was bustling with activities, laughter and the aroma of delicious food. A big thank you to all who volunteered and participated in this wonderful program, and for making this March break program such a success.

If you are interested in volunteering or participating in this or other Vietnamese programs at The Lighthouse, contact Tracy at