Coldest Night of the Year: FAQ

The Lighthouse Centre and Coldest Night of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to WALK?

If you want to start or join a team (or walk by yourself), you can register online through The registration process will take you about 5 minutes, so you can do it while the coffee’s perking. Note: When setting up your username, please do NOT use spaces.

Who do cheques get made out to?

Please make cheques payable to ‘Coldest Night of the Year’ and write The Lighthouse Centre or the name of the walker you are supporting on the memo line.

Is this a fundraiser?

Absolutely! Walkers are encouraged to raise funds and work hard to achieve their fundraising goal. The Lighthouse Centre has a goal of raising $25,000

How do I raise money?

Once you register online you can use the online fundraising system to send your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page. There, they can give to you securely online by credit card. Alternately, you can download a pledge form, print it out and ask people face-to-face for support.

What do I do with the cash and cheques I collect?

Keep them safe till WALK day – that’s when you will present them with your pledge sheet during check-in.

You can also add these pledges online on your personal page – log in, click the “Fundraising” tab at left, then click “Enter $$ or Cheques” and add each pledge one by one.

Do all donors get a charitable receipt?

No, donations of cash and cheques of less than $20 are not receipted in order to minimize event-processing expenses.

Do I sign a waiver form?

Yes, all walkers must sign the waiver during check-in. Walkers 17 and under require the signature of a legal guardian.

How long are the routes?

There are 2km, 5km and 10km routes available.

Where can I find a route map?

Use the following links to find the applicable map:



When does the WALK begin?

Here’s the schedule for the walk:

4:00 – Registration opens

5:00 – Opening Ceremonies

5:15 – Walk begins (all distances)

6:00 – Registration closes

8:00 – Route closes

Between 6:00 and 8:00 pm a warm, light meal will be served to all walkers and volunteers. So, be sure to linger with us afterwards, share some laughs, hang with some friends and celebrate the walk – at least till you warm up.

Where does the WALK begin?

Walkers join a team that is beginning the walk at our Scarborough location:
Grace Christian Reformed Church
25 Channel Nine Court
Scarborough, ON

The other available option is to walk for The Lighthouse while walking at a location near you. Find locations here:

Is there a registration fee for the WALK? Is the fee for teams or individuals?

There is no registration fee for teams as a whole, but instead it works on an individual basis.

If you are 18+ years of age and raise less than $150, the registration fee is $25.
If you are 13-17 years of age, and you raise less than $75, the registration fee is again $25.
If you are under 12 years of age, the registration fee is waived.

On average, walkers raise about $250 each, and most donors give around $40-$50, so it’s a reachable goal! Reminder: the registration fee is non-refundable and will NOT generate a tax receipt.