Coldest Night of the Year


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Expect cold temperatures and possibly snow. Watch the weather online before the walk. Layers of clothing are good since you will certainly warm up during a long walk. Gloves, a warm, ear-covering hat, sunglasses for wind protection and a water/snow repellent jacket (preferably with a hood) are all good choices.

Footwear is really important. If there is snow or rain, you need to have water-proof boots or shoes. Gloves and a scarf are a good idea also. After all, it is a February WALK in Canada. Happy Walking!

How long does it take to walk?

Depending on your fitness, the weather, congestion and ground cover, most walkers clip along at between 4-5 km/hour.

2km should take 30-45 minutes

5km should take you 60-90 minutes

10km around 2-3 hours

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